Sassing up the South.

Sassing up the South.


On Final Stage at the Southern Fried Poetry Slam 2013

I am a terrible blogger.

Here’s what’s up in my world:

My second year at California Institute of the Arts ended.  Time.

I went to Joshua Tree National Park.  So beautiful.

I went to the Southern Fried Poetry Slam and came in second place.  Amazing to see my homies and share new poems.

I hung out with my mom.  She’s incredible.

I ate like a fool in the Dirty Dirty.  Boom.

I’ve been holed up in my Woman Cave writing like a mad woman.  I’ve got a brand new ten minute, a one act, the first few songs of an opera and the beginnings of an adaptation.  Still planning on starting a vengeful take down/playwright-erly response to a Pulitzer Prize Winning play which reinforces white superiority and pisses me the hell off (can you guess which one?) AND the first few episodes of a television show.

I ain’t got time for my own SHEnanigans (yeah, I did that) this summer, Lads and Lasses.  I am unbound and determined to create something extraordinary.

Let’s go!