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Steve Locke very eloquently expresses why he doesn’t talk about race.  I talk about race a lot.  And think about it even more.  I’ve been thinking I need to go on a “race diet”.  I’m getting increasingly frustrated with explaining certain things to people and want to just breathe and be human.  The part which resonates most with me is, “Black people can’t talk to white people about race anymore. There’s really nothing left to say. There are libraries full of books, interviews, essays, lectures, and symposia. If people want to learn about their own country and its history, it is not incumbent on black people to talk to them about it. It is not our responsibility to educate them about it. Plus whenever white people want to talk about race, they never want to talk about themselves. There needs to be discussion among people who think of themselves as white. They need to unpack that language, that history, that social position and see what it really offers them, and what it takes away from them…”