Summer is almost over and I am about to enter my third and final year as an MFA student at California Institute of the Arts.  This has been a tremendous summer of personal and creative growth. I did well at the Southern Fried Poetry Slam as an indie poet.  I completed drafts of multiple plays.  I co-taught an amazing group of young people.  I visited friends in Idyllwild and fell in love with the place.  I went to Vasquez Rocks and had a beautiful time.  A film version of my solo play ODDLIE was shot and I’m coming off of a self-imposed 48 hour deadline to write a 20 minute opera.  Life is good.


I look forward to challenging myself and my community this semester.  I’m going to France next May to be in residency at La Comedie de Saint Etienne, so I’ve been learning french.  I’m teaching again and there will be a workshop of my thesis play.  Life is good.


Why am I such a boring blogger?  Are the personality cops policing this thing or what?  Lord and mercy.  Image