First full day in France and things are going wonderfully.

Rachel and I had a scrumptious breakfast in our hotel lobby, then parted ways to nap/plan/dream. As part of my experience here, I’m performing spoken word in conjunction with a book fair. I’ve been working on a piece which calls out a lack of inclusivity where theatrical education is involved. It’s bound to upset someone, but so it goes. My hope is to have it written and memorized in time for my performance on October 19th at La Comèdie de Saint-Etienne.

Rachel and I met up later in the evening to wander and, seated before our glasses of wine, discussed our resolutions for this process.

I can be a workhorse, product-over-process kinda artists, so I’m committed to enjoying every step of this adventure. She shared a desire to be bold enough to speak terrible French, rather than acquiescing to fearful silence. We also spoke of where we’ve been and what we’re excited about as artists in a world which allows us to travel and meet people to make things. Cheers.

I’ll probably awaken at 5am or so to continue revising the script and articulating what I believe are its needs.

Tomorrow we meet with the actors and translator to get this thing cracking. Wish us luck!