This day started pretty early. Having struggled to get to sleep (I finally managed to nod off at about 2am) I awoke at around 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep. After about an hour of tossing and turning, I committed to being awake and began to write.

As I mentioned before, I’m working on a spoken word piece for my performance on the 19th which calls out the lack of diversity in theatre education and privilege in the realm of its creation. One of my instructors in grad school once said that if some part of you doesn’t feel like you shouldn’t be creating a project–sort of naughty about it—you shouldn’t be creating the project in question. This is a writing I deeeefinitely falls into the category of “I ‘on know how folks are gonna receive this…but I’m goin’ for it!” I am aware that it will be misinterpreted by some, but I’m up for it. It should start some important conversations. We’ll see how it lands with a French audience and whether or not it lives up to its hype.

Today was also the day we finally got into the room with the actors. It was lovely to see them and re-connect. I was naturally anxious about how they’d react to the text itself. Would the humor be lost in translation? Would it bore them? I fears were put to rest, as they seemed genuinely engaged with the text. There was a lot more laughter than I expected and I have no doubt we’re in for a good time together.   I’ve still got questions about how to handle ye olde chorus, but they’ll have to wait until we actually have the opportunity to try a few things. This process is forcing me to embrace a spirit of patience—something I really, really need to continue working on. Aleshea likes things to prove themselves effective IMMEDIATELY. Not always healthy.

We’ve got one more day with the translator, so following this posting I’ll be revising the text and sending it off for her to work on in the morning. Tomorrow we’ll work on translation challenges, songs and Rachel and I will show the actors some contextualizing videos. And then. We’re gonna go out for whiskey.

Work hard. Play hard. Be happy.

More soon!