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Today was short because the actors had to get to another show, but we managed to get a few things done.

Rachel opened with some physical work aimed at freeing their bodies. It was fun to see some choices for the way the characters exist in space. We also worked a bit with the music, re-hashing and experimenting a bit. Then we moved into divvying up the chorus text between characters, which was a bit painstaking.

Tomorrow we’ve got more time and will hopefully begin to craft a culture of movement for the chorus. I’m anxious about how we’ll manage to create a soundscape which tells a story of dysfunctional community—how to capture the chaos of group thought? How to make the most of vocal dynamics so that we aren’t doing the same ol’ same ol’ corny, expected stuff? I don’t know that this process will allow for enough time to do the things I’d like to do, so I’m trying to be patient and realistic.

The latest spoken word piece is coming along more slowly than I’d like as well. I can be (ahem) pretty impatient, so this isn’t news. I hope it finds me (yes—I believe poems find me) in time for me to memorize it by the 19th.

Ah, adventure.

Tonight we sought ice cream and ended up with some kind of half milk/half whipped cream concoctions. Mine had oreos in it and Rachel’s was…well…


Actors working.

Actors working.