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Today’s session with the actors began with one of my favorite things: sharing images and video. One of the most helpful things I picked up at CalArts was the power of sharing and discussing research imagery with collaborators. It’s a lot of fun to fall down an exploratory rabbit’s hole of viscera via imagery.

After taking a look at pictures, we moved into the laborious task of making translation decisions. We went through the script in French, making decisions about sections which had an option for how they might be translated. Basically, Rachel and I listened as the people who speak the language the script has been translated into offered their opinions, sometimes asking me for clarification. Doing this work also provided the actors with an opportunity to take a more in-depth look at the text, deepening their understanding of the story and world of the play. One day I’ll be fluent enough to contribute a little more. I hope.

The music I created for this piece is really rhythmic and acapella. My goal was to create a work song which tells the story of a culture of communal thought and shared labor. The actors seemed to connect to the music and sounded dope.

Tomorrow, we get on our feet for the first time.

And yes—we did get our whiskey. And kebabs to boot.

Work hard. Play hard.

With the actors.

With the actors.