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Time is not always a friend. Especially the slippery sort of Time which seems ever-elusive during a workshop.

Today we worked on putting the chorus up on its feet. Arranging bodies in space is tricky, particularly in a piece which demands strong physical engagement. We’ll continue working on it tomorrow and I’m optimistic about the results.

One thing I haven’t yet discussed with the actors (or anyone else for that matter) is the role of profiling in the piece. “The Town” in this play is a character comprised of 7 people at its largest and three at its smallest. The Town criminalizes individuals and nearly executes them on a couple of occasions. This is absolutely related to the experiences of black people in America, as we are constantly challenged by a society which criminalizes us—sometimes in ways which result in our deaths.

During the four months I was working on Coyote Comes/Beast Thing, a few cases of racial profiling landed in the national spotlight. In some ways, this piece is an attempt to examine the “group thought” which can lead to the sanctioned terrorism of individuals based on a perception of who they are.

I also finished the spoken word piece which begins “Your Bard doth not look like mine.”

We gon’ see.