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So, we’re re-connected to the internet and the sense of loss I felt without it might be shameful. No blogging? No facebook? (which I am giving up again when I get back to the U.S.thankyouverymuch) No ogling beautiful places on pinterest?

Le sigh.

Things have been amazing in rehearsal. On Friday we had a great chat with the actors about prejudice in the U.S. and its resonance with the play. The actors seemed a tad gobsmacked at how bad things are, as well they should be. It’s disgraceful and there is much to be done. Much I’m planning to do, but more on that when plans become action.

COYOTE COMES/BEAST THING’s examination of group thought fed by prejudice and leading to sanctioned public violence probably won’t land with a French audience the way it would in the U.S., but I think that’s A-okay. It is good to discuss these things and for us to have a fruitful exchange.

Yesterday and today we worked through the more challenging chorus sequences. Clarifying beats and movements, making sure the story is crystal-clear and discussing intention have been great ways for me to interrogate the play as its writer. I still see room for dramaturgical strengthening, but it’ll have to wait. We don’t want to throw too much new information at the actors (especially since new pages would have to be translated. Time. Yuck.)

So, we’re gearing up for a fun exploration. Tomorrow is our last full day to rehearse.

Also—I’ve got a poem memorized for Sunday. It’s an expression of my frustration with the limits of language following the murder of Mike Brown.

We gon’ see.