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Last full day of rehearsal. Whoa.

We began in the costume shop trying to mix and match pieces for the actors. I have so much respect for costume designers. Telling the story of a small town bent on principle through clothing–without falling into cliché–is a difficult thing. For me, anyway.

Then we worked through the text, stopping and starting as necessary. Staged readings make me especially anxious because of the balance between what is fully realized in the body/text and moments which must be restrained. Leaving room for the audience to have an imaginative experience is hard for a control freak like myself, especially with a piece like this. Especially with a piece like this which has been translated into a language I cannot speak fluently. It’s forced a kind of “giving over” which I suspect will serve me in future endeavors. At least, I hope so.

I’m glad to be working with such a generous group. They aren’t afraid to get out of their comfort zones. They aren’t afraid to question me and/or the play. They aren’t afraid to tell Rachel and I if they believe they’ve got an idea which will work better. It’s challenging and refreshing.

Tonight we dashed from rehearsal to a performance art piece called Press, in which a box shrinks as a man dances inside of it. Reminds me of this process. Less and less room in a space forces more and more imaginative ways to exist within that space.


We gon’ see.